Packing Practices

From the field to you, we take great pride in our harvesting and shipping procedures. Bundles of 5 stems are packed in boxes lined with paper and Dacron. Two cold packs are wrapped in newspapers and snuggled between the paper liners and the Dacron just before shipping. Jap hooks are used to stabilize the stems.
We ship in three sizes of boxes. Our largest box holds 100, our medium box holds 40 and our small box holds 20. There is some room for flexibility in these numbers depending on the variety and bud sizes.

Peonies ready to shipBoxed peonies ready to shipSabrina's Wedding




Peony Care Information

"Thank YOU for your contribution to our efforts to exceed our clients' expectations.  The bride was thrilled with her bouquet (your peonies along with Patience garden roses)." 
- Steve Clouthier, Stoneblossom


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