So many varieties, so little time

Farmers in the Netherlands have been growing peonies for hundreds of years and every time I visit, I see a few more varieties I just must have.

It is true. No one grows peonies like the farmers in the Netherlands (Holland) They know exactly what they are doing and that is why we source all our roots from Holland farms. Our 15 years of experience, research and growing peonies in the harsh Alaska conditions, combined with the Holland expertise ensures you receive the best experience.

We are available to help you make the right decisions for your use and location. We have written many blogs on our web site on starting and operating a peony farm to help you avoid mistakes and ensure success in growing these beauties. You can always e-mail us with your specific questions.

We source our peonies from Holland, have them shipped to the USA and then disbursed to our customers.

Hot Water Treatment
Farms harvest their roots as late as possible in the fall to ensure the foliage has died, putting all the energy back into the roots, and the plant is dormant. They wash the plants, give them a hot water treatment and pack them for shipping. This treatment ensures the roots will have no viruses or nematodes./p>

Roots are offered in many quantities and eye sizes, 2/3 eye, 3/5 eye, 5/8 eye and 6/8 eye. Number of roots are offered in bags of 15, boxes of 40, 50 and 60. Each variety will indicate how they are offered.

Because there are so many varieties, we are offering roots from more than one grower. You can order from either source or from both, but they have to be on separate forms (pages) for us to process. You can select a spring or fall delivery.

Ordering is a two-step process. First, choose your source below. Next, find the variety you are interested in, and type the number you would like in the quantity box (or use the up and down arrows to increment or decrement your quantity). This will add the roots to your cart. Once you have your roots in your cart, click checkout in the lower right of your screen, and follow the checkout process. We will call you shortly for your credit card information. You credit card will not be charged until your roots are shipped; however, your order will not be accepted without a credit card.

Deadline to order is August 1st. We recommend as soon as you know what you need, place your order. We do run out of certain varieties. You will not be charged for your order until it ships. Fall deliveries start the first week of October.
You can place your spring order before August 1st to guarantee varieties. You can place in spring also but the varieties may be limited. Spring shipping begins as soon as weather permits. Usually mid March.

Lower 48
Your roots will be shipped from A USA warehouse. The roots are large and heavy. We always recommend budgeting $1.75 per root. You can make arrangements to pick up your orders at the warehouses with special arrangements.
Pricing includes shipping to Anchorage. However you are not restricted from ordering varieties only offered to lower 48. However, you will need to pay shipping. Because Alaska is so special, we will continue our personalized format for ordering rather than on line. Email us what you are interested in and we will work together to make it work best.

Go to our blogs for starting a peony farm and growing, harvesting and marketing peonies.

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