May 2, 2016

Categories: Post Harvest

Along with my passion for peonies, I‘ve become impassioned with vases. Vases offer an entire pallet of different appearances. The same 6 pink peonies will look totally different in different vases.

And before you even think you can‘t afford this passion, think about the Value Village, The Salvation Army, and the nearest Thrift Store to you. That‘s where I frequent on a regular basis. At first I was buying almost anything but now that I have a couple hundred vases, I‘ve become quite picky.

Lika, Gen and I took a few hours this week to gather up about 50 of my favorites and headed for the gardens where the crocus, the bright green foliage of grasses and the alyssum provided perfect settings for my lovely vases.

Vases 012The basic whites lend a bit of formality to any scene.

Vases 022These blues as you can see vary tremendously not only in style but in color but they all blend together in the light. I love having different heights with the same varieties of peonies and just a dab of greenery.

April (vases) 047The new ’almost plastic‘ that looks like glass is terrific if you have to haul your bouquets to an event. While they will break, they are hardier than the standard glass. And they are very economical to purchase at places like Michaels.

SVases 062omeone once told me about ratios and balance etc. I don‘t get too worried about that. And every vase doesn‘t need to have flowers. An empty vessel with a vase filled with your favorites in front can make a statement too.

Vases 060Vases 068Vases can be easily influenced to a certain style with just a piece or two of art